I am a photographer living in New York city. 

Living in this cinematographic city and traveling the world have added to my intrinsic drive to capture little moments that make our life what it is. We are all different and see things differently, and it’s almost magical to show life through my lens in a way that you might have not expected.

I tend to mostly work in Black & White, with color being a rare but bright exception. I hope that the viewers will see the beauty and irony of the moments the way I see them. I never really plan these moments, they come to me when I have my heart and eyes open and my camera ready. And I can just hope that my own appreciation of beauty comes through my work. Look through my page and enjoy my memories with me. 



  • Awarded "Photographer of the year" by Annual International Award for Children and Family Photographers BICFP, 2020
  • Short listed in Best Family Photo competition, 2020



  • "Georgia" Solo exhibit, Verus Real Estate, April 2019
  • "Small Work" Group exhibit, Clover's Fine Art Gallery, December 2015 
  • Special group collaboration project and exhibit featuring ballet performers for The Baruch Performing Arts Center, Yung-Li Dance: MODUS, June 1-3, 2012
  • "Tango" Solo exhibit, Jasper Art Center, February 2012 
  • "Snaps" Solo exhibit at “Steals” gallery, the Taganka Theatre, Moscow, Russia April - June 2011 
  • "Tango, on and behind stage" Solo exhibit at Immaculate Lutheran Church, NYC September 2009 
  • "Italy" Solo exhibit at Caffe 2966 Gallery, NYC June 2009 
  • "Brooklyn Bridge" Solo exhibit at Caffe 2966 Gallery, NYC May 2009